Our vision

Multimark vision, built on experience and innovation, is to maintain and strengthen its core engineering business, to develop new skills and activities, and to respond to the changing needs of clients and markets.

Multimark strategy for sustained growth is anchored in the development of its services. Its reaching regional network and its financing capabilities.

-Maintaining a comprehensive regional marketing network.
-Being a multicultural company proud of our ability to operate in many languages and adapt to the culture of the countries and communities in which we work.
-Adopting a flexible and open approach towards the needs of our clients by listening to and respecting their views.
-Developing a stable client base with significant repeated business.

Our values

Multimark is one of the engineering, procurement, construction and electromechanical related technical services organization, serving selected industry sectors and geographic markets.

Multimark achieves this through the experience of its people by contributing to the success of its clients through value-added services and by continuous investment in the improvement of its technical and managerial competence.

Our vision is supported by the following values which we are committed to carrying out:

that high standards of health and safety are a primary objective in all our activities
for our environment, quality, and a philosophy of on-going improvement.
a culture founded on a sense of pride and belonging, and empower our employees to take initiatives and assume responsibilities.
stimulating and varied career opportunities for our employees in a challenging and rewarding equal-opportunity work environment.

Safety policy and commitment

Multimark recognizes its responsibilities for effective management of safety within the scope of its contractual obligation on each of its projects, the company is convinced that the construction can be performed safely when comprehensively planned, competently managed and strongly supervised.

Multimark shall insure that the practical and effective program of accident prevention be established on each of its projects and that all aspect of management and supervision of the project incorporates the fundamentals of the program.

Multimark safety program shall comply with the requirement of the contract.

It is the policy of Multimark to provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions and to follow operations practices that will safeguard all employees and result in efficient operations.


Executive quality policy

We are committed to satisfy our customers by meeting their requirements at all stages in the most competitive and efficient ways. This is the fundamental importance to the continued success and the growth of our company.

This will be accomplished by all of us taking the responsibility for achieving the quality objectives set forth for various processes and by choosing reliable reputable suppliers.

All of us, through our various skills, expertise, competence and efficiency will continually seek to improve our services with the aim to enhance customer satisfaction.

To support these objectives and enhance customer satisfaction, a formal Quality Management System (QMS) that meets the requirements has been established and must be fulfilled all the time.


Multi Marque’s business strategy rests on 3 strong pillars

high technical expertise, in the technical sectors where we have already achieved it and attain the same level of expertise in other sectors.
well-established engineering bases in several key in the region.
has added momentum to Multimark, it has allowed us to navigate our way through the cyclical nature of most of our key markets.

Multimark is a services organization and our success is based on the quality of the service we deliver. Strength of leadership and our people’s skills and motivations are therefore crucial to our performance.

Without doubt, our people are the key asset driving the business. Multi Marque places considerable emphasis on leadership, responsibility and accountability. Our employees are project-focused, committed to hard work and achieving high quality standards, and get a lot of professional satisfaction out of meeting or beating targets.

Creating a rewarding, challenging and safe workplace for all our people is part of Multi Marque core values and one of its highest priorities.

We foster a performance driven culture throughout the company and reward performance against stated objectives through various incentive schemes.

Our people operate through a decentralised management structure that allows a high level of autonomy.

We strongly believe that people perform best when they have clearly defined goals and are allowed to operate — subject to certain management guidelines — with freedom to pursue those goals.

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